What is Day Trading and Who Should be Doing it

Day trading involves the buying and selling of financial instruments within the same trading day. When you trade forex based on a day trading strategy, this means that you are likely to close your position at the end of the trading day. As such, day traders cannot be considered as investors, but as speculators. To […]


Trading Psychology: Setting your Goals – Aim Small, Miss Small

Many of the world’s most accomplished traders are renowned for placing small, articulate and controlled trades on an irregular basis. These traders are highly organised, incredibly patient and very disciplined, only executing a trade when the perfect market condition presents itself. They are typically trading twice or three times per week, only taking the highest […]

Trading CFDs: What you Need to Know

CFDs stand for Contract for Differences and are today considered one of the world’s fastest growing financial instruments. Most international forex brokers offer CFDs as part of their financial instruments repertoire, and once your trading account has been set up and funded, it is incredibly easy to get started and trade.

5 things you need

The Correlation Between Music and Trading

Remaining focused for long periods of time can be a challenge. In our modern society there are so many distractions to contend with and our brains have become largely accustomed to constant distractions such as phones ringing, incoming emails and other notifications or noises.

learning from your losses

Scalping 101: An Introduction

There are plenty of ways to trade forex and plenty of trading styles, including scalping, day trading, swing trading and position trading. While swing trading is regarded as a careful, long-term investment strategy that involves placing one or two positions every few weeks or months, scalping sits at the other end of the spectrum, where […]

Reading Forex Charts 101

The forex market is one of the most sophisticated financial markets in the world. Used by millions of people from across the globe, it helps to promote different world currencies, as in addition to the major currencies, it now features minor and exotic currencies available for trading. This enables traders from all walks of life […]

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